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Nine years ago in Sydney it all seemed so worthwhile. It all appeared to be well within my capability. Not easy but well worth a go.


I would sell my successful business Sydney Boat Sales and pursue my ideal. This I thought would be an ideal that will be welcomed by the World. I would use my original ideas to help make the World one in which we can all live in

Peace. Showempathy.com was to be my Internet platform.


I decided that my ability to write and sing with my new fashion designs and new ideas for a range of applications would provide the revenue I needed to improve the World with my new ideas. My poetry I would use to capture the emotions of lives in story form and my historical work 'Angel' would tour the World both in film and modern rock Opera.


Julia Gillard was the Prime Minister when 9~ years ago I began my writing in Sydney. Gillard, Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott have never responded to the outlines of my work that I sent them. Neither have Malcolm Turnbull, David Cameron, Theresa May, Barack Obama and now Donald Trump, Angela Merkel, Hollande, Junkers of the E.U or the General Secretary of the United Nations.


My philosophy is based on the 'Word of God' as a 'Revolution of Understanding'. I have written but not finished a modern development of the guidance contained in the 'Word of God' for all faiths. My work also includes new Economic theory.


I know my work has been illegally copied and a considerable amount of money made by the same Criminal group who were in my life in Sydney. At at the moment I have no proof.


They are a nasty disgusting Evil group who have committed horrendous crimes. One day they will have to answer for their crimes and so too those in Government who have allowed them to break the Law.


My new Philosophy acts as the catalyst for my work on Counter Terrorism which has been ignored by MI6, the CIA and Mossad.

The CIA, FBI, American Military Intelligence, Mossad and MI6 have never acknowledged my communications to them.


Despite my ability to communicate with all the faiths and the potential for my work to reduce conflict's based on religion, not one member of the Faiths have expressed any interest. The Vatican, the Archbishop's of Canterbury and Westminster and the Grand Ayatollah Commander-in-Chief of Iran Sayyed Ali Khamenei have never responded to my communications to them.


With the money earned from my work and marketable ideas I would have formed a Global Investment Bank to replace Donor Aid and build economic communities that were self-sustaining.


I also wanted to bring Peace to Afghanistan


and reform the United Nations.


I have written new systems for International Disaster Response


and Climate Change.


Millions of people would have benefited from my work. Many lives would have been saved.


I was sure the World would welcome new ways of living in Peace with each other. Oh how wrong was I.


So off I set. Well nine years have passed with numerous life threatening moments and ‘legal’ (sic) abuse by Governments.

I have had to endure Hell.

One day your Governments will answer to the legal charges I will place before them in a Court of Law.

Much of what has happened to me is so unbelievable that I have contained this summary to the absolute provable.


The World's Media - every single one of them have totally ignored the events I have had to endure for the past nine years and my work.


Not one Human Rights Group has ever responded to my communications to them. Not one United Nations development or Aid worker has ever responded to my communications to them.


The ANZ Bank acted against the law by illegally evicting me from my home(s) in Sydney - and lied to do so. My business Sydney Boat Sales 'died' overnight. The phone went dead. Nobody rang me.


Both the U.K and Australian Governments have tried to use State Institutions to silence me - they have failed and one day they will have to answer for their very Public actions in a Court of Law. Read abuse of Legal Power. My four trips to America were also not without incident.


I rode across America on a Harley to deliver a Poem I had written for 911. I delivered it to the Fire Station next to Ground Zero. I might as well have been the local postman such was the muted response I received. I have the firemen raising the Stars and Stripes tattoed on my right arm.


I also have the flag of Somolia tattooed on my arm as every Christmas for nine years I have wanted to hold a Christmas New Years Eve Concert there.


Hopefully in 2017 my life will change. I can then leave 'Bend Over Britain' the 'Land of the Walking Dead' never to return.


Government Organisations have told me stop writing or words to that effect. A local Doctor here in Bicester who tried but failed to have my mental health reviewed said and I quote " I find it strange you want to improve/change the World with your writing. On that basis your mental condition should be assessed'.


Using the Mental Health Act to stop me writing is their common theme. In total 3 x in Australia and 3 x in Bicester. Now they have given up on that method of stopping me. I have a letter from the last NHS review saying there is nothing wrong with my Mental Health.


David Cameron as Prime Minister never once responded to the 14 legal emails I sent him. Except to send the Metropolitan Police who said they did not like the 'tone' of my emails! This from Cameron who has never had an original idea in his short political career.


Theresa May who also has no new ideas has ignored my work and allowed the U.K media to ignore me. My new ideas to improve the lives of U.K citizens have gone without comment by the people of the U.K. Yet in the few conversations I have had with U.K Citizens they receive praise.


I emailed the majority of the Prime Minister's Cabinet Office and did not receive one reply. In fact I have emailed U.K and Australian M.P's, MEP's, Congress and Senate in the U.S, French and German members of Parliament and Town and City Councillors. I have never received a reply concerning my work.


I have also tried to warn Governments and the Military that the research and development of Direct Energy, Microwave weapons and associated brain to computer technology has been developed without controls and National Security(s) and Public safety is at risk - I have been totally ignored.


The U.K Police response (Thames Valley Police) stated in writing 'it is not their concern'. They said it was an MOD problem. Fallon the MOD Minister never replied to my enquiry and there is nothing on the U.KGOV MOD website.

Then I was told by the NHS Oxford that the Home Office Fixated Threat Group considered my enquiry as to the NHS Policy on these weapons regarding treating injuries made me a threat to Public Safety.

Why I have no idea.

Nobody has ever told me why an email to the NHS on Policy ended up with the Fixated Threat Group.

I later received an apology and the Fixated Threat Group said that they never said I was a threat. They said it was NHS Oxford who made that error.


Theresa May the then Home Office Minister never responded to my emails.

My M.P Victoria Prentice is making a complaint to the Parliamentary Ombusdman on my behalf.



There may be other urgent important matters of Global and National Security in connection with the illegal use of the brain to computer technology et al that may be of interest to the major Nuclear Powers and possibly their Space Agencies. However as I am nobody and apparently do not have any ideas or communications of note then I will keep my theory to myself.

Note: I was hacked and blocked trying to put the nuclear bomb icon on this paragraph.



I have taken screen copies of the constant cyber hacking I have to endure on a daily basis. They will be used in evidence in my case against the Prime Minister Theresa May and the U.K Government.


My websites have been taken down, my emails are blocked and my Internet speed at times has made working on the Internet impossible. Quora on which I write and have had over 800,000 views since April 2016 has been taken down whilst I have been writing on it. Attempts have also been made to hack their software.

Facebook and Goggle have also been hacked.

Whilst I was using the Internet in Bicester Library the Oxfordshire County Council system went down four times - for as long as five days at a time.


Last week my provider Three U.K went down. I was told it could take up to 7 days to get back on. They never rang me back. I changed to Vodafone whose system is excellent. They too have had attempts to bring their system down.. Vodafone I am sure are not going to let the U.K Government continue to allow U.K Cyber criminals to flout the law.


I still have my ideals, my new ideas and I still have my gift of writing. But the World has not been able to listen to me explain my new ideas.


In the nine years not one Journalist in the World has ever reported me and my work and not one member of Government has ever acknowledged my new ideas for a better World. They never respond.


I consider that at times certain events have seemed as close to somebody wanting to get rid of me as you would read in any 007 novel. However God is at my side so I guess all my enemies will end up screaming in Pain on Earth or in Hell. Without God's protection I would be dead of that there is no doubt.


Despite the pathetic efforts of Julia Gillard et al, David Cameron, Theresa May and the U.K Media to silence me I will never give up. I owe God. He is a true friend. I will never forget what he has done for me. Whilst there is an Aleppo anywhere in the World or starving child I will never cease to use my work to improve their lives and confront Government corruption.

I want to see God’s World on Planet Earth - In Peace not War.