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My Story. Very Short Version.



Some 9 soon to be 10 years ago in Sydney it all seemed so worthwhile. It all appeared to be well within my capability. Not easy but well worth a go.



I decided I would sell my successful business of 12 years Sydney Boat Sales ( Archive Copy of Sydneyboats.com.au ) and pursue my ideal of World Peace.









This I considered to be an ideal that will be welcomed by the World. I would use my original ideas to help make the World one in which we can all live in Peace.



I decided that my ability to write and sing and design new fashion concepts and styles as well as new ideas for a range of applications would provide the revenue I needed to improve peoples lives and promote my ideals.



Showempathy.com was to be my Internet platform.



My style of poetry I would use to capture the emotions of life and lives in story form and my historical work 'Angel' would tour the World both in film and outdoor modern rock Opera



With the money earned from my work and marketable ideas I would form a Global Investment Bank to replace Donor Aid and build economic communities that were self-sustaining..


I also wanted to .......................................................................


Develop my new Philosophy of the 'World of God' which acts as the catalyst for my work on Counter Terrorism. Note: Outlines of my work sent to MI6, the CIA Mossad and Governmentns and Media have never received an acknowledgement.


To meet with Mullah Omar of the Taliban

and Ayman al Zawahiri the leader of Al Qaeda in order

T0 bring Peace to Afghanistan and stop Suicide Bombings.


To develop a sustainable Economic System for Afghanistan


Reform the United Nations with a new Democratic System that would bring World Peace.


To bring Peace to Israel and Gaza


Introduce a New system for International Disaster Response


Propose a new system for Climate Change.


Develop my system of 'New Economics'


Write and put into International Law a 'Charter of Rights' for All Creatures Gr8 and Small.


Develop my system of Prison Reform


Millions of people would have benefited from my work. Many lives would have been saved.


I was sure the World would welcome new ways of living in Peace with each other. Oh how wrong was I. So very very wrong.


Well nine years~ have passed with numerous life threatening very painful moments by 'unknown's' and ‘legal’ (sic) abuse by Governments.

I have had to endure Hell.


Much of what has happened to me is so utterly unbelievable and impossible that I have contained this summary to the absolute provable. The rest will wait for my day in Court.


Julia Gillard was the Australian Prime Minister when 9~ years ago I began my writing in Sydney. Gillard, Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott have never responded to the outlines of my work that I sent them. Neither have Malcolm Turnbull, David Cameron, Theresa May, Barack Obama and now Donald Trump, Angela Merkel, Hollande, Junkers of the E.U or the General Secretary of the United Nations. Why? I have no idea. My ideas are new and will benefit the World.


I know my work has been illegally copied (somebody left a letter in my home) and a considerable amount of money has been made by a U.K based Criminal group who were in my life in Sydney. They are the same evil sick lying vermin who have conned the World about a Global Social Experiment.


They are a nasty disgusting Evil group who have committed horrendous crimes. One day they will have to answer for their crimes and so too those in Government who have allowed them to break the Law. At the moment I have no proof.


Despite my ability to communicate with all the faiths and the potential for my work to reduce conflict's based on religion not one member of the Faiths have expressed any interest.


The World's Media - every single one of them have totally ignored the events I have had to endure for the past nine years and never reported my work.


Not one Human Rights Group has ever responded to my communications to them. Not one United Nations development or Aid worker has ever responded to my communications to them.


The ANZ Bank acted against the law by illegally evicting me from my home(s) in Sydney - and lied to do so.


My business Sydney Boat Sales 'died' overnight. The phone went dead. Nobody rang me. I could not sell it. Somebody had undermined my very successful business.


Both the U.K and Australian Governments have tried to use State Institutions to silence me - they have failed and one day they will have to answer for their very Public actions in a Court of Law. Read abuse of Legal Power.


My four trips to America were also not without incident.


I rode across America on a Harley to deliver a Poem I had written for 911. I delivered it to the Fire Station next to Ground Zero. How strange that was. I might as well have been the local postman such was the muted response I received. I have the firemen raising the Stars and Stripes tattoed on my right arm.


I also have the flag of Somolia tattooed on my arm as every Christmas for nine years I have wanted to hold a Christmas or New Years Eve Peace Concert there.


Theresa May who has no new ideas has ignored my work and allowed the U.K media to ignore me. My new ideas to improve the lives of U.K citizens have gone without comment by the media of the U.K. Yet in the few conversations I have had with U.K Citizens they have been welcomed.


I have emailed the majority of the Prime Minister's Cabinet Office and have not received one reply. In fact I have emailed U.K and Australian M.P's, MEP's, Congress and Senate in the U.S, French and German members of Parliament and Town and City Councillors. I have never received a reply concerning my work.


I have also tried to warn Governments and the Military that the research and development of Direct Energy, Microwave weapons and associated brain to computer technology has been developed without controls and National Security(s) and Public safety is at risk - I have been totally ignored.


I have taken screen copies of the constant non-stop daily cyber hacking I have to endure.


How Theresa May expects new business to come to the U.K is beyond belief. It is not just me who is getting hacked.

My websites have been taken down, my emails are blocked and my Internet speed at times has made working on the Internet almost impossible.


I still have my ideals, my new ideas and I still have my gift of writing. But the World has not been able to listen to me explain my new ideas.


I consider that at times certain events have seemed as close to somebody wanting to get rid of me as you would read in any 007 novel. However God is at my side so I guess all my enemies will end up screaming in Pain on Earth or in Hell.


Without God's protection I would now be dead.


I want to see God’s World on Planet Earth - In Peace not War.


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Protestfashion.com a Global Movement for Change through the Power of the Individual to fashion their own beliefs supports the World Boycott of ANZ. The ANZ have by their illegal eviction of Desmond Last displayed an arrogance and abuse of their banking licence that is unparallelled in banking history.